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OpenCertHub Academy

OpenCertHub Academy is founded by a team with big data, innovation and data mindset expertise, passionate to nurture data talent with data literacy in business. The team developed an effective and practical curriculum and programme with industry best practice to help corporates tackle challenges and grasp opportunities in the digital economy.


The OpenCertHub Academy aims to empower everyone with data literacy to unleash the values of data to create business and social impact in the digital economy.


To empower data literacy as the essential competence in the digital era, OpenCertHub Academy offers practical development programme to foster business-centric talent with data mindset. Cultivating the data-first culture of every organisation to success in the data-driven journey.

Management Team

Herbert Chia
Principal Advisor

Dr Toa Charm

Dr Victor Ng

Andy Kwok

Company Award

Hong Kong MIKE Award 2023

The Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award builds on the original Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award (Link) as conceived by Mr. Rory Chase of Teleos in 1998. The name change is because we want to showcase both innovation and existing knowledge to identify and recognize those organizations which are creating shareholder and or stakeholder wealth by leveraging new innovative and existing enterprise knowledge into superior products, services, and solutions. The MIKE Award is based on the original Global MAKE study, and we have substantially revised the MAKE assessment criteria. Thus, the new MIKE assessment is updated to reflect the growing dynamism of today’s innovative knowledge-based enterprises.

About MIKE