Herbert Chia

Principal Advisor of OpenCertHub Academy

A Hong Kong native, Chia has spent his life living between the United States, Britain, Australia and mainland China. Achieving academic success at the University of New South Wales, INSEAD and Tsinghua University, Mr. Chia’s international background has influenced and informed his career enabling a uniquely multicultural eye for e-commerce innovation.

Now, as a globally recognized pioneer in the online business, Chia attributes his success to a passion for innovation and an understanding of geographical needs and opportunities.

Mr. Chia is currently Venture Partner of Sequoia Capital China. Former Vice president and Head of data committee of Alibaba Group. Mr. Chia has led Alibaba’s data team to a series of important achievements to drive the company to become a data company. Before joining Alibaba, he was the chief product officer of DHgate which is a cross-border eCommerce platform in China. Before that Mr. Chia was also working for eBay, MSN, PCCW, and HSBC.

Other responsibility:

  1. Honorary Chairman, B4B Limited
  2. Vice Chairman, Big Data Branch, China Information Industry Association;
  3. Deputy Director, Expert Committee of China Computer Federation;
  4. Deputy Head, Big Data Standards Work Group, China Electronics Standardization Institute;
  5. Education Steering Committee (for big data projects), Tsinghua University;
  6. Adjunct professor, School of Management, Zhejiang University.