Data Culture
Assist corporates to create awareness and interest of data-first culture
Data Mindset
Inspire participants the innovative ideas with data from mindset change
Data Talent
Identify potential talent through assessment & certification

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Become a Data Literate Enterprise

Data literacy is not a technical skill. It is a professional skill (read, write and communicate data in context as defined by GARTNER) that every employee should own. Encourage all of your employees to develop their data literacy to cultivate a data-first culture. Widely use of data as the language to communicate and make data-driven decision. By investing in data literacy across the enterprise, businesses can bring more divergent and creative perspectives. The Data Literacy empowerment step is critical for every organisation which aim to transform as a Data-Driven Enterprise.

“Make data literacy an organization-wide priority, not just among people within the technology org”
Harvard Business Review
“Unless data and analytics leaders treat information as the new second language of business, government and communities, they will not be able to deliver the competitive advantage and agility demanded by their enterprises.”
Valerie Logan
Director (former) Gartner Research
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Data Literacy: Do You Speak Data?

Data as the Second Business Language



Data Literacy Empowerment Programme (DLEP)

Modular approach to fit organizations in different stages of data literacy maturity

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OpenCertHub Academy

OpenCertHub Academy is founded by a team with big data, innovation and data mindset expertise, passionate to nurture data talent with data literacy in business. The team developed an effective and practical curriculum and programme with industry best practice to help corporates tackle challenges and grasp opportunities in the digital economy.

Recent Activities


30 Jan 23 - We are glad to join the HKIB CNY Spring Lunch 2023. Being the strategic partner of HKIB, OpenCertHub Academy is honour to have our table to invite guests (clients, partners & friends) to celebrate the start of the Year of Rabbit.



22 Oct 22- Dr Victor Ng conducted the Data Mindset online session to the participants in ACCA BUSINESS COMPETITION 2022-23. Over 150 participants who are university students came from HK, Macau, Vietnam, Malaysia & Philippine. Through this online session, Dr Ng showed the students the core elements of Data Mindset (Speak, Think and Act with data) and how it is critical in the digital economy today.


19 Sep 22 OpenCertHub Academy is pleased to sign the partnership agreement with HKPC in nurturing data talent in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). The agreement signing ceremony was held on 19 Sep 2022 at HKPC Threate One. Our President Dr. Toa Charm and Ms. Karen Fung, GM, InnoPreneur (SME & Startup Growth and FutureSkills, HKPC) signed the agreement to initiate the promotion of DLEP™ as the key programme on data skills development in GBA.


Our first crossover with SAP Hong Kong to deliver a physical event - "Empowering Everyone to Create Values with Data" with be held on 9 Sep at SAP HK office.  Our President Dr. Toa Charm will share the power of data literacy and how it helps corporates to create data values and succeed in data monetization.

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