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Become a Data Literate Enterprise in A.I. World

As businesses increasingly rely on generative AI to drive growth and innovation, data literacy has become a critical skill for everyone to possess. Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize industries and drive business growth, but it requires a workforce that is equipped with the necessary data literacy skills to fully leverage its capabilities. Become a data liberate enterprise now to enjoy the competitive advantage in Human-AI collaboration.

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“Make data literacy an organization-wide priority, not just among people within the technology org”
Harvard Business Review
“Unless data and analytics leaders treat information as the new second language of business, government and communities, they will not be able to deliver the competitive advantage and agility demanded by their enterprises.”
Valerie Logan
Director (former) Gartner Research
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Data Literacy: Do You Speak Data?

Data as the Second Business Language

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Data Literacy Empowerment Programme (DLEP)

Modular approach to fit organizations in different stages of data literacy maturity

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OpenCertHub Academy

OpenCertHub Academy is founded by a team with big data, innovation and data mindset expertise, passionate to nurture data talent with data literacy in business. The team developed an effective and practical curriculum and programme with industry best practice to help corporates tackle challenges and grasp opportunities in the digital economy.

Recent Activities

HKBU MBA (Mainland)

12 May 23 - The 1st DLEP session was conducted by Dr Toa Charm and Dr Victor Ng in Nan Sha, SCTCC (華南技術轉移中心) which was part of the HKBU MBA Enterprise Visit Tour for mainland students.



13 Apr 23 - Mr. Andy Kwok was invited by Colliers to be the panelist to share his view in "Driving Technology in Real Estate" in InnoEX at HKCEC.



14 Mar 23 - The first-ever Data Seminar in HILTI HK office.  We are so glad to have around 100 participants from sales, marketing, engineering and back office. A great team showing their passion in Data Literacy learning.